Saturday, April 15, 2006

CYHSY @ Avalon, Boston, MA 4/12/06

This show was...alright. It actually can very easily be upgraded to "great," if I don't weigh in how little the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves. I was pretty much right smack dab front and center, right at the doorstep of Alec's hunched guitar playing and shimmy-shimmy side stepping, dancing my white suburban ass off, but no one around me seemed to care... I didn't get bumped into, let alone touched, once! The performance was musically great, but lacked a little luster in the entertainment category...Alec: you really need to stop pretending like you don't care...and if you don't really care...then at least tell us! Say something!... Alas, I'm fighting the good fight but my opponent shant be seen 'less a glance at my own reflection. Here are the photos:


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